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A Calvary Chapel Affiliate Church

February 14th

For all dealing with the tragedy in Florida
Pray for Marta’s family as they mourn her loss
For the upcoming dance competition
Stacey’s mom & step dad celebrating 38 years of marriage
Geoff has a hearing tomorrow dealing with his insurance coverage
Lack of staffing at Anaheim Regional Hospital
Pray that the repairs to our building progress quickly
Pray for Ken at Citrus Hills
Robin’s friend, Frank, is having surgery tomorrow
Continue to pray for Christa’s back & knee
Pray for Christa’s sister as she is in her final days
For Anyssa to find a place to live

February 11th

Water damages in the chapel building
Upcoming dance competition for the Jameson’ girls
Cody has started a new business, pray that it goes well
Jacob’s upcoming tornament
Praise that Rene has a new job
Heidi’s back is still recovering
Ross’ mom is dealing with her blood sugar levels
Pray that Grace is done going to the hospital
Anyssa is looking for a new place to live
Continue to pray for Geoff’s mom
Prayers for our students as they finish their finals and get ready for next semester
Prayer for Marta’s family as they deal with her loss
Safety for Ryan’s brother working in Egypt

February 4th

Mke’s former room mate, Lucas, is in a coma and is in his final days
Continue to pray for Grace and her recovery
For all the resident’s at Citrus Hills as they go through staffing changes
Ms. Pat is back with us after missing 6 weeks
Sakura is sick again, praying that it is not strep
Pastor Joey is still fighting the flu
Continue to pray for Susie as she is still fighting chronic pain
Pray for our police officers & first responders
Tasha’s sister, Monica, dealing with cancer
Continue to pray for Christa as she deals with health isues

January 31st

Continue to pray for Christa’s sister dealing with cancer, and her other sister to get closer to the Lord
For all the residents at Citrus Hills and all they are going through
For Robins’s brothers to find salvation
Prayer for the Golish family and all that they are going through
Pray that Grace recovers fully from her surgery
Jacob’s friend, Josh, is sick
Prayer for Geoff’s mom as she is really sick
Prayer for Stephanie’s aunt, Maria, as they found a lump in her breast
Bob L. is recovering from a minor stroke
Pray for Rene as he continues to seek better employment
For the resident’s at the Grove as they look for a new director
Pastor Sergio at CCCM recovering from a heart attack

January 28th

Amalia has a number of her customers dealing with cancer
Teresa is recovering from hip replacement surgery
Scarlet & Lisa are still sick
Marta is still recovering from her fall but is doing well
Prayer for Tina & her fiance as the enter into their marriage
Continue to pray that Grace heals completely
Prayers for Lydia as she begins nursing school for her last semester tomorrow
Prayers for Jeremiah as he begins testing next week
The Jameson girls are all home sick
Terry’s kids made it home safe from Antartica
Safe travels for Jed & Jen(and Abe) as the move to Kansas

January 24th

Ross’ dad and mom are both in the hospital
Grace is back in the hospital dealing with a severe bloody nose
Pray for Citrus Hills that they can get to a proper staffing level
Marta fell and is in a skilled nursery facility for a few weeks
Norm is going through anxiety about his finance situation
Pat T. is still on the mend and hopes to be back soon
Robin’s dad is scheduled for surgery, but still dealing with a heart issue
Christa’s sister, Gisla, has learned that she has cancer in multiple locations
Prayer for safe travel for Jed, Jen, and Abe as the Duke’s move to Kansas
Sherri’s nephew, Steve, dealing with a heart issue
Both of Anysa’s grandparents are in the hospital
Sherri’s friend, Robin, is dealing with cancer
Linda’s friend, Barbara, just lost her son in law
Susie is still dealing with a lot of pain and hopes the epidural will help

January 21st

Pray for Teri’s kids as the are traveling
Robin is dealing with family issues
The Miller family, from Texas, are dealing with immigration issues
Geoff is home sick with the flu
Prayer for Geoff & Tori as they continue to work towards transplant
Prayers for all those dealing with the mudslides
Pat T. is back at Citrus Hill but still recovering
Sarah is home dealing with the sickness again

January 18th

Jed and Jen Duke packing party and safe move.
Jackson has a fever and stuffy
Lisa’s mom’s Aunt Rita has a annurism and cancer and has 4 days to live
Christa’s sister has water in her lungs
Linda’s friend Barbara her son-in-law died yesterday
Pat Turner that she will be able to come home soon.
Evie for her flu.
Terry is not answer her phone and has been sick.
Rene for more hours at work and he needs work done to his car.

January 17th

All those effected by the mudslides
Linda;s friends son, Joshua, is sick with the flu
Eve has been sick for the last 5 day
Jackson has been sick with a fever
Bryan C. mom is having surgery
All the folks at Citrus Hills dealing with illness
A friend of Glens are losing ther home, pray they find a new place
Robin’s friend is in remission and in rehab

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