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A Calvary Chapel Affiliate Church

November 12th

Jed’s neighbor, Bell, fell and has a brain injury. Praying for her and her husband, Don
Franks sister in law, Jo Anne, recovering from foot surgery
Sonni is out of the hospital at home recovering=pray for quick healing
Gertrude and Nancy at Citrus Hills are in the hospital
For the entire group at Citrus Hills
Tor’s neighbor Dan has a hurt back
Fro Jan’s recovery from gum surgery
Ross’ uncle has a recurring cancer and getting ready to start chemo
Jacob’s friend, Cameron, to give his life to the Lord
Marcella has upcoming surgery
Christa is still dealing with an internal health issue
Jeff & Morgan are both dealing with knee injuries
Miguel, Pastor Josh’s brother, recovering from a very bad cycling accident
For the Hecht family as the mourn the loss of Timothy
Ryan’s former boss Phil, and his salvation
For the families dealing with the shooting in Texas
Continued prayer for Tori & Geoff as the look forward to upcoming surgery
Amanda & Victor are getting married today

November 8th

Josh A. is not feeling well and is home sick
Miguel was in a serious bicycle accident and is healing in the hospital
Christa is really having a lot of stomach issues
Jan is having oral surgery tomorrow
Rudy’s 1 year old son Elliott is in the hospital fighting for his life
Sonni is dealing with a infection
Robin is dealing with her cancer
Jessica is recovering from surgery
Fatima is recovering from cancer treatments
Continue to pray for the families in Texas
Mimi’s granddaughter, Kaitlin, is dealing with health issues
Pru’s mom, Mindy, is dealing with a bad spider bite
For Gracie’s competition tonight
Nancy from River 47 just lost her dad in Wisconsin
Mimi’s mom, Joy, dealing with shingles and another UTI
Nora is 5 years old and is dealing with constant vomiting

Nov 5th

Praise that Irene is recovering well from tooth removal
Jan is having oral surgery soon
Gracie has a competition coming up
Travel mercies for Jeremy as he goes to Maryland
Prayer for Lucas to regain clarity
Praying for Mercedes health and her salvation
For Sophie and her mom as they are dealing with mom’s hospice care
For the family of Sam on his passing
Praise that Paul D. does not need additional surgery
Prayers for our nation and it’s leaders

November 2, 2017

Pastor Mary was in a car accident and was taken to the hospital.
Soni they cancelled her surgery her wounds have to heal
Sharleen for her work hours
Fasema for cancer
Elvera that she can get out of the hospital for her birthday party
Christa for her stomach, knees and back and her move on Dec 2nd
Susie, Linda is trying to reach her and has not heard back
Prudence’s Sister and husband they are currently seperated, and for there salvation
Kent for his health and 3rd surgery
Jan for her gum surgery
Sophie had a stroke and is paralyze
Neighbor Mike for his back pain.

Nov 1st

Doty and Marge at the Grove are both doing better
Prayer for those in New York dealing with the attack
Sonni has another infection
Sylvia is still dealing with the effects of a stroke
Elveria is turning 80 but is in the hospital
Continue to pray for Kent as he recovers from surgery
Jan is having oral surgery on the 9th of November
Prayers for Christa to continue to get better
Prayers for our police officers & fire fighters
For Geoff & Tori as they continue to ready themselves for surgery
Enrique & Ricardo are recovering & dealing with multiple surgeries
Fatima is dealing with cancer
Continued prayer for the Hecht family on the loss of Timothy
Mike’s roommate Lucas is dealing with multiple health issues
Prayer for Trish on the loss of her brother
Jose has had his cancer return

October 29th

Prayers for the Hecht family on their loss of little Timothy
Heidi’s back acting up again
Roberts friends, 2 year old son recovering from eye replacement surgery
Christa is not feeling well
Mike B. is home and not feeling well
Pat is very tired
Gina’s co-worker having suicidal thoughts
Prayers for our high school students
Nhan recovering from oral surgery
Misty’s new daughter to grow up strong in the Lord

October 25th

Geoff’s back is acting up again
The Cardiel family has sickness going thru the house
Prayers for the Hecht Family on Timothy’s passing
Tony D. just learned he has prostate cancer
Robin dealing with cancer
Rich P. is not feeling well
Susie is still dealing with many health issues
Prayer for Rene as he is working long hours
Steve recovering from surgery to correct his heartbeat
Irene at the Grove is dealing with anxiety

October 19th

Car accident on the road today – prayer for both families
Geoff to stop itching
Emilie’s life, family needs salvation
Bonnie is moving to KS on Sunday, prayer for safe travels
Neil & Lauren to know the Lord, Weston for surgery, preschool teacher – Robin has cancer & side effects from treatment
Michelle’s mom passed away
Christa needs healing of her body, sick, and she’s moving soon – prayer for place to live
Susie is in a lot of pain
Bryan’s uncle is on life support, prayer for salvation, Bryan & Steph house in Corona and job for Bryan
Brandon – in prison needs salvation
Safe travel for those not here yet

October 18th

Bryan C. uncle Andrew is not doing well and not expected to live
Anna, Rogers wife, lost her brother suddenly
Robert T. friends 2 year old son, had eye cancer and had to have his eye removed
Christa is not doing well today
Continue to pray for Susie
Robin has cancer and is dealing with depression from the treatments
Sonni has another surgery scheduled in November
The Depurse family on their loss of a son due to suicide
For our firefighters as they continue to fight the fires in California
For Sherri’s sister & brother in law as they are dealing with health issues
Frank’s co worker, Oscar, dealing with Bells Palsey

October 15th

Pam at Citrus Hills taken to hospital last Friday
Terry is not feeling well
Susie N is still having back pain
Stacey going through difficulty at work
Geoff & Tori continue to prepare for surgery
All those dealing with the fires
Bryan C. great uncle Andrew, had a major heart attack
Roger & Anna in the sudden passing of Anna’s brother

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