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A Calvary Chapel Affiliate Church

June 20th

Stacey’s surgery is tomorrow. Pray for the doctors
Pat T is in the hospital
Continue to pray for Geoff&Tori as surgery is getting closer
Continue to pray for Christa’s family and for her knees & back
Pray for Neal and his upcoming court appearance
Pray for the girls upcoming recital
Pray for June as she is in the hospital
Pray that Emily has an easy time with her new braces
Pray for Geoff’s sister as she deals with the legal issues with their dad’s passing
Pray for Rene’s job transition closer to home
Continue to pray for Susie N
Prayer for Jacob’s parents and their walk with the Lord
Pray for everyone dealing with health issues

June 17th

Happy Father’s Day=Praying for all the Dad’s
Robert’s friend Donna, going through a lot of personal issues
Mimi’s friend, Shaq,is scheduled for surgery this week
Happy Birthday Grace G
Abe’s co worker, Marcus, is having a second surgery on his eyes
Ryan’s co worker, Selvin, is dealing with family issues overseas
Pray for Heather as she transitions from her job of 14 years to a new job
Praying that Cici find’s a new job
Safe travel for Kendall going home
Continue to pray for Pru’s aunt, Jan, going through a medical procedure
Pray for Stacey as she is going to go through surgery this week
Pray that Stacey’s dad can reconcile with her family

June 13th

Rene got his new job
Jason’s oral surgery went well
Nhan got his summer job
Mike’s housemate Frank is doing better

Cici is looking for a new job
Pat T. is dealing with health issues
Pray for Rosa, another one of Mikes housemates
For Miss Dora at Citrus Hills
Prayers for Stacey’s grandma who hurt her leg
Pray for Pru’s Aunt Janhaving a medical procedure
Pray for Trevor as he is dealing with stage 3 colon cancer
Pray for the O’Neal famil6 as they deal with the loss of Brian
Pray for upcoming dance recital
Pray for Danny who gave his heart to the Lord at Harvest

June 10th

Baby Gray is going for surgery
Pray for safe travel for the Golish family
Pray for our country and its leaders
For all those dealing with wildfires in Colorado
Continued prayer for Donna’s eyes to heal
Pray for one of Amalia’s customers dealing with high blood pressure
Pray for Frank at the Grove dealing with an infection

June 6th

Pray for Cece to find a new job
Prayer for Stephanie’s aunt as she is dealing with cancer
Pray for Brian C. Grandma injured in an accident
Continue to pray for Gisila as sheis on oxygen full time
Jason’s friend, Trevor, was just diagnosed with colon cancer
Pray for the people of Guatamala
Pray-for the Golish family as they are traveling back east
Safe travel for Jeremy & Erenia asthey return
Continue to pray forDonna and her eyesight
Pray thatJacob get’s his newclient
Linda’s car is acting up
Sarah is having trouble with her wisdom teeth
Jason is having dental surgery Friday

June 3rd

Pray for Rene’s aunt
Upcoming dance recital for the girls
Jacobs upcoming karate tournament
Mimi’s friend, Shaq, continues to improve and his walk with the Lord
Pray for Geoff & Tori as Geoff just lost his father
Pray for Kent & Donna as they are on the way home
Safe travel for all the visitors at the Jameson’s house as they return home
Continue to pray for Donna’s eyesight
Pray for Jacob as he prepares for his next competiton
Safe travel for Jeremy & Erenea as they return from Europe
Pray for the salvation of all our wayward children
Pray for Robin’s cousin having eye surgery
One of Mike’s friends at the Grove, has a 8 year old granddaughter dealing with cancer
Pray for young Weston as he gets old enough for surgery
Pray for John from the Groves dealing with kidney issues
Praying for a new direction for Jim’s daughter , Lisa

May 30th

Pray for Jacob as he is going through divorce
Pray for Mia dealing with health issues
Pray for Susie as she is still dealing with health issues
Geoff is officially on the transplant list
One of Sakura’s clssmate hascancer
Continue to pray for Christa,s health
Prayer for the church as we continue to move
Frank at the Grove recovering from kidney surgery
Marcel just lost his aunt and uncle and cousin are in the hospital
Pray for Rodney and his family
Pray for Shirley as sheis dealing with cancer
Pray for Walt dealing with an infection
Pray for Jason dealing with sciatica

May 27th

Continue to pray for Geoff & Tori as they move toward surgery
Praise that Robin has been able to reconcile with her family
Pray for Mary K. to get well from her last fall
Pray for all the residents at The Grove & Citrus Hills
Travel mercies for Ken & Donna
Prayer & Praise for all of our military
Safe travel for Jeremy & Erenea in Europe
Geoff’s parents are both ill right now
Frank at the Groves is recovering from surgery
For all the folks in Hawaii dealing wit the volcano

May 23rd

Safe travel for Rene as he is back east
Mike’s friend, Frank, recovering from surgery
Finals coming up for Dineh
Stephanie’s grandmother having health issues
David’s mom just diagnosed with breast cancer
For all unsaved family members
For the final bible study at Pendelton tomorrow
Safe travel for Jeremy & Erenea asthey are in Europe

May 20, 2018

For Mimi’s friend, Shaq, in his questions his faith
For Geoff & Tori as they move closer to surgery
Safe travel for Jeremy as he is going to Europe
Pru’s mom had a relapse/ Pray for recovery
Continue to pray as we move the church out of the chapel
Pray for the folks at the Grove & Citrus Hills
Pray for Amalia’s manager as he is going through a divorce

Jeremy graduated from CSUF
Mimi is 7 years old

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