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A Calvary Chapel Affiliate Church

August 15th

Prayer for all the students & teachers returning to school
Continue to pray for Sarah as she is going through personal issues
Pray for Heather as she deals with health issues
Pray for Luke’s grandpa in his walk with the Lord
Pray for Greta as she is dealing with migraine headache
Pray for guidance for The Owen’s as they put up their house for sale
Prayer for the team going to Pendleton this Saturday
Pray for Jeff’ uncle as he is starting dyalisys
For the family of Abe’s co worker as they deal with his passing

July 12th

Praise that Nhan is out of the hospital
Pray for Zach T. as he had his foot ran over
Pray for the safe return for all our people at youth camp
Praise that Elizabeth returned home safely
Pray for Sherri’s roommate, /sarah
Continue to pray for Sonni’s foot to heal
Pray for Donna, Jan’s sister, as she had another eye surgery
Pray for all those effected by the fires
Continue to pray for Ellen’s son Jeff
Pray for Barbara recovering from sepsis and her diagnosis of cancer
Prayer for all the residents at Citrus Hills & The Groves
Continue to pray for Baby Bella to get strong enough for surgery
Pray for Pru’s mom as she is dealing with MS 8 cancer
Pray for Jeremy’s friend, Ryan, as he just lost his mom
Continue to pray for Pat T. family as they deal with her loss
Geoff has had his first treatment and his second is tomorrow
Pray for the upcoming events-Harvest, Labor of Love, Restored
Prayer that Celia finds a new job

August 5th

Continue to pray for Nhan as he recovers in the hospital
Pray for Pat’s family as they grieve in her loss
Pray for Jacob’s cousin dealing with marital issues
Pray for Sasha as he is beginning to ask questions about the Lord
Pray for Gabe as he is recovering from a motorcycle accident
Continue to pray for Ellen and her son, Jeff
Pray for Heather’s friend, Angela, as she is dealing with family issues
Prayer for Geoff as he s getting his first treatment on Tuesday
Please keep the Youth Camp in prayer this upcoming weekend
Pray for Sonni as she broke he leg
Prayer for Andrea healing
Sarah wedding – peace and strength
Christa back and knees and sister Giesela cancer
Brandon and family – strength and peace
Matos family – job situation and Grandma’s health
Jim – medical issues
Neil, Weston, and family
Elizabeth’s missionary trip to Virgina
Emily’s friend lost dog

July 29th

Pray for Nhan and the doctors to figure out what is wrong
Pray for Elizabeth Lambeth & the Armor of Light trip to Quantico, VA this week
Continue to pray for Pat T. as she is not doing well
Pray for The Miller family as Bryson is going to work in Oregon for about 6 months
Continue to pray for Pru’s mom, as her pain is getting worse
Pray for Geoff & Tori and their upcoming treatments
Praise that Shaq continues cancer free
Praise that Mimi’s sister is recovering well
Pray for Brandon & Claire as they are under attack
Sonni is here today, pray that she continues to do well

July 22nd

Pray for Kathy P. from Armor of Light on her recovery from upcoming surgery
Pray for the Armor of Light team going to Quantico, VA. August 2nd
Continue to pray for Geoff as he is not feeling well
Jacob M has a tournament upcoming
Bryson just had his back go out in our parking lot
Pray for all those effected by the boating accident in MO.
Pray for Stacey’s sister, Amanda, going through detox
Pray for the Toeller’s as they are moving again
Continue to pray for Pru’s mom as she is dealing with cancer
Pray for Pru’s brother & sister going through personal issues
prayer for Cecile as she is going through chemo treatments
Amalia’s friend Robert dealing with health issues

July 15th

Prayer for Pru’s mom, Mindy, dealing with cancer
Praise that Jeff’s illness has passed
Lydia is getting ready to take her RN test
Prayer for Jan as she is getting ready to retire
Pray that Cody get’s his camera repaired
Continue to pray for Amalia’s mom as she is looking for a new place to live
Pray for Geoff & Torri as they are looking at alternative options for treatment
Frank & Jodi are celebrating 28 years of marriage
Continue to pray for Pat T. as she is in hospice care

July 8th

Pray for Amalia’s mom to find a new place
Continue to pray for Jose dealing with cancer
Pray for Jeff K. with bronchitis
For all the girls in the dance recital today
Pray for all those effected by the fires
Pray for Cody being pulled in many directions
Pray for Rachael as she lost her husband, Bernie, yesterday
Praise that Bobby is still cancer free
Prayers for the boys being rescued in Taiwan
Continue to pray for Geoff & Tori as they get closer to surgery
Pray for Ellen’s son, Jeff, as he is coming off pain medication
Continued prayer for Donna as she is still recovering from shoulder surgery
Pray for safe travel for Elma’s grandson

July 1st

Pray for Cody as he is being challenged in his walk with the Lord
Pray for a new job for Cici
Pray for all the girls involved in the dance recitals
Tori’s friend, Carrie’s mom is back in the hospital
Prayers for Ellen’s son, Jeff , as he is dealing with addiction
Continue to pray for Susie
Praise for Shaq’s successful surgery and his walk with the Lord
Pray for Pat T. as she is dealing with heart issues
Continue to pray for Donna as she recovers from a broken shoulder
Pray for Pru’s mom, Mindy, as she is dealing with numerous health issues
Pray for Baby Bella that was born with a heart issue
Pray for Carmelita as she is dealing with cancer

June 27th

Continue to pray for Pat as she is still dealing with health issues
Donna had surgery on her shoulder
James Guciardo recently passed away
Continue to pray for the residents at The Grove & Citrus Hills
Pray for Sonni as she is home from the hospital
Safe travel home for Jeremy
Prayer for Connie going through health issues
Diner has summer homework due for AP classes this fall
Praise for Bryan &Heidi celebrating 21 Year’s married
Pray for Lisa as her back went out
Pray for Geoff at home not feeling well
Pray for Heather as she is now staying home
Pray for Pru’s mom dealing with a multitude of health issues
Continue to pray for Courtney as she struggles with addiction
Pray for MaryAnn as she is struggling with her medications
Continue to pray for Stephanie’s aunt finishing her first round of radiation

June 24th

Safe travel for Jeremy as he goes to Wisconsin for training
Pray for Pat T. as she is dealing with heart issues
Pray that Stacey continues to recover from surgery
Jason has been sick since Thursday
Elma’s grandson dealing with anxiety
Pay for safe travel for Lisa’s parents
Prayer for Amelia’s friend who is losing his dad to cancer
Pray for Susan as she has a court appearance tomorrow

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