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A Calvary Chapel Affiliate Church

Sept. 13th

Cecilia’s son is in jail, but doing OK
The loss of a daughter for the Henderson family
Marjorie at the Grove is dealing with cancer and is bed ridden
Jason is having back pain still
Pray for guidance for Estella in her job
Sherri’s cousin in Florida still doesn’t know the extent of damage to their home
Christa is still dealing with back pain
Bobby is having surgery this Friday, quick recovery and peace for Tina
Geoff has a court hearing coming up
Sherri’s sister dealing with vertigo
Continue to pray for Kent to continue to heal
Travel mercies for Jan as she travels to Delaware
All the people dealing with the hurricanes
Misty is due to have her baby on Friday

Sept. 10th

Alma’s sister is having a hip replacement
Cecilia’s son is incarcerated-praying for his salvation
Ross’ parents are 45 min north of Orlando, other family in So. Carolina
Shirley is in hospice, praying for her salvation
Jason is in a lot of back pain-praying for a quick recovery
Pray for all those effected by the hurricanes in Texas and Florida
Continue to pray for Geoff’s health
Continued prayer for Jan’s brother, Kent
Baby Timothy has taken a turn for the worse-continue to pray for the entire family
Christ’s back is still out and in a lot of pain
Jacob is having surgery on Friday
Amalia’s friend has foot surgery upcoming

Women’s Study – Sept 8th

Terry turned 90 today!!!
Christa – health issues
Stacey’s neighbor had part of her colon removed (Marie)
Victims of Hurricane Harvey
Hurricane Irma is hitting FL, prayer for protection of the people
Ana & Amalia are leaving for a European cruise in three weeks
Emilie – thanks you for prayers for her trip to England & Scotland (amazing testimonies)
Brian C. & Geoff G. both have a cold
Abe on an overnight fishing trip, pray for Erin while he’s gone
Soni’s doctor’s appointment was moved, she needs healing of pain
Neil & Lauren for salvation
Jan’s brother Kent as he heals from surgery
Jan leaves for Delaware on Sept 16th
Bobby has surgery coming up on Sept 15th, prayer for healing & recovery
Stephanie & Brian are moving to Corona, need work and housing

Sept. 6th

Steve is going for a job interview tomorrow
Debbie broke her ankle and is in a lot of pain
Geoff is not feeling well
Christa is in a lot of back pain
Prayers for all effected by the hurricanes
Sonni has an appointment tomorrow
Lenore’s nephew was stabbed in his leg
Amalia’s mom is having a bunch of knee pain
Pru’s mom was in the hospital and is now home and recovering

Today is Anna’s birthday
Lisa & Jason expecting baby #3

September 3rd

All the kids starting school
Michael’s brother Mark suffering with spinal issues
Lisa is expecting their third child
Jan’s brother, Kent, recovering from surgery
Baby Timothy had another surgery
All those effected by Hurricane Harvey
Prayer for Carries shoulder as she returns to work
Prayer for all law enforcement and firefighters in the nation
Prayer for our nation and it’s leaders
Lottie at the Grove has been dealing with health issues

Susie is with us today
Terri has a new great grandson, Franklin
Labor of Love Festival went well

August 30th

Midge is dealing with multiple brain tumors
Jan’s brother, Kent, recovering from surgery
For all those in Texas dealing with the hurricane
Fran is dealing with diabetes
Maria just moved to Ohio and is settling in
Geoff is still recovering from gout
All the kids who have just started school
Safe travel for the Jameson’s as they return home
Roger’s wife, Anna, is dealing with allergies
Roger’s brother in law lost his business in Mexico in a flood
Sandra is being treated for aneurisms

Praise that Amelia found a new place to live

August 27th

Pray for the upcoming “Labor of Love” event Sept.2nd
Pray for our country & leaders
Cecilia’s son is dealing with drug addiction
Pray for those in the path of Hurricane Harvey
Audrey is still waiting for her back round check to come through
Prayers for those looking for a new place to live
Prayers for Ed’s family and new grandchild expected soon
Geoff is suffering with gout and in a lot of pain
Weston is finally up for a kidney transplant
prayer for Terry after she fell at the store

Praise report-Heather got her first evaluation and it went well

August 20th

Prayers for our country
Jan’s brother Kent’s upcoming surgery
Audrey’s background check has still not come through
Lorraine is dealing with kidney issues again, and for Bob caring for her
Those affected by the mudslide in Africa
Pray for Ellen, as she still deals with the loss of her husband, Jim
Stacey’s brother, Jimmy, as he prepares to do a church plant
Harvest Crusades and our pastors as they help on the field
All the kids as they return to school

August 16th

Prayer for our nation during these times
Keep Sonni in prayer as she is still waiting on doctors
Pray for Healthridge Children’s Hospital-Patients & Staff
Praying for Linda’s sister in law, Margi, to return to the Lord
Safe travels for Heather
Kent’s upcoming surgery on the 25th
Continue to pray for Tori & Geoff as they move forward

Praise that Christa is feeling better

Sunday Morning – August 13th

Heidi, Jan, and Linda in AZ with family – prayer for safe travels back home
Heather & Nick – one year anniversary, safe travels for drive up coast
Audrey – got a new job, prayer for background to process quickly
Terri is having struggles with her neighbor, prayer for Terri & Rich to have soft hearts
Heather is trying to transfer Jeremiah for school, but doesn’t know where he’s going
Paul’s surgery healing, wants to play guitar
Emilie F. is leaving for Scotland on Thursday – prayer for flight and blessing while there
Andrew in Army – oversees right now
Teri’s grandson is expecting a son any day
Stephanie’s mother (Evette) was in a car accident – rear end collision
Brandon is homeless and a drug addict – prayer for salvation, healing, and
Jacob – recovering from a cold
Unity of our country and around the world

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