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A Calvary Chapel Affiliate Church

January 21st

Pray for Teri’s kids as the are traveling
Robin is dealing with family issues
The Miller family, from Texas, are dealing with immigration issues
Geoff is home sick with the flu
Prayer for Geoff & Tori as they continue to work towards transplant
Prayers for all those dealing with the mudslides
Pat T. is back at Citrus Hill but still recovering
Sarah is home dealing with the sickness again

January 18th

Jed and Jen Duke packing party and safe move.
Jackson has a fever and stuffy
Lisa’s mom’s Aunt Rita has a annurism and cancer and has 4 days to live
Christa’s sister has water in her lungs
Linda’s friend Barbara her son-in-law died yesterday
Pat Turner that she will be able to come home soon.
Evie for her flu.
Terry is not answer her phone and has been sick.
Rene for more hours at work and he needs work done to his car.

January 17th

All those effected by the mudslides
Linda;s friends son, Joshua, is sick with the flu
Eve has been sick for the last 5 day
Jackson has been sick with a fever
Bryan C. mom is having surgery
All the folks at Citrus Hills dealing with illness
A friend of Glens are losing ther home, pray they find a new place
Robin’s friend is in remission and in rehab

January 14th

Jeremy for safe travels home from Fresno
Abe for safe travels home from Morro Bay.
Soni for help with her expensive medication that the insurance will cover it.
Alma’s grandson Matthew
Pat Turner still in the Hospital Prayers for recovery
Terry’s recovery of the Flu
Eve Golish recovery from the flu
Mike B. is not feeling well
Christa not feeling well
Hector Mora leading Monday Night bible study at CCCM.
Amalia’s Mom and Brother
Rich and Carrie are finishing up their move.

January 10th

Pray for Mike B home with the flu
Mike’s friend, Jackie, is also dealing with health issues
Pat T. is in a recovery center from her stay in the hospital
Sonni is dealing with issues again
Pray for Neal as he is facing a possibility of incarceration
Brad has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and is in hospice
Jeremy is recovering from a rib injury
Safe travel for Nia & her sister as they are driving to Texas
Pray for those dealing with the mud slides
Prayer for Stacey’s mom as she is dealing with Stacey’s sister
For Christa as her family just left to return home
Linda’s neighbor is traveling in South America

January 7th

Jan T. sister is sick with the flu
The Stratton’s are starting their bible study today
For all still dealing with the flu that is going around
Grace’s sister, Ashley, as she has taken on an additional child
Pray for all those on the mend from the flu at Citrus Hills
Continue to pray for Geoff & Tori
Larry from Citrus Hills injured his foot last Friday
Little Brennan, 2 months old, in the hospital with the flu
Robin’s friend, Frank, is going in for surgery
Bobby saw a man get hit by a car yesterday, praying for that family
Tasha’s sister is recovering from surgery
Linda’s friend, Barbara, was just treated for melanoma. Pray for complete healing
Pray for Patti D for God’s healing
Prayer for Jacobs wife and her sister as they Travel to Texas
Loures grandson, Caleb, is suffering from exema
For our teachers in the children’s ministry
Pray for Lucy as she continues in her remission
For all those dealing with the extreme cold back east
Praise that Grace is recovering well from surgery

January 4th – Women’s Study

Fire and Ambulance in Linda’s neighborhood, prayer for safety of people involved
Linda’s friend (Barbara) potentially has cancer, and she is 93 years old
Emilie – life and family (God knows the situation)
Prayer for all of the people sick in the congregation
Prayer for the local hospitals, over crowded and nurses are sick
Christa – prayer for health
Jen & Jed are moving to Kansas, prayer for packing and travel
Hector Mora taking over Monday Nights in Calvary Costa Mesa
Jimmy & Wife did the church plant in New York, and now they are starting a bible college, prayer for spiritual attack, funding and all of the teachers
Kayleen and family live in Delaware and had a pipe burst with flooding

January 3rd

Praying for safe travels for Cliff & April as they move to Texas
Pray for Grace as she recovers from surgery and a reaction to the medications
Ms. Jane from Citrus Hills passed away this morning, praying for the family
Heidi is home sick, pray for her recovery
Pray for Teri & Elma as they are sick with the flu
Pat is back in the hospital
Continue to pray for Neal & Laurin in their walk
Mike’s roommate, Lucas and his health
Joan has been diagnosed with an enlarged heart
Robin’s friend, Michelle, fell and broke her back and found that she has cancer in her back
Pray for wisdom in a large decision coming up
Prayer for Jacob and his walk as it continues to grow
Pray for Jeremy as his show is this weekend
For Torri & Geoff as they continue to prepare for transplant surgery
Continue to pray for Susie as she is still struggling
Pray for renee’s husband who was injured in a motorcycle accident

Praise that Pastor Hector Mora is teaching at the Youth Leaders Conference AND Monday nights at CCCM

December 31st

Pray for our nation and it’s leaders as we enter 2018
Pray that Grace recovers quickly from her surgery
Jacob’s grandpa had a successful hernia surgery
Pray for Cody and his family as they have lost multiple family members this year
All the folks at Citrus Hills as they battle the flu
Ms. Pat had to have a procedure on her heart=pray for quick recovery
Safe travel for Cliff & April as they move to Texas
Teri fell and injured her knee and is dealing with the flu as well
Linda’s friend, Barbara, is dealing with melanoma
Rose at the Grove fell and is recovering slowly
For the people of Iran
Pray that Bobby continues his good recovery from cancer treatments

December 27th

Pray for Ms. Christa as she and her room mate are both sick
For Geoff’s nephew in jail, and his walk with the Lord
Sonni is back in the hospital with another infection
Mike’s roommate, Lucas is still in the hospital
Continue to pray for Geoff as he is going thru preparation for a possible liver transplant
Prayers for the family we adopted as a church for Christmas
Jeff’s cousin, Sergio, to find his way back to the Lord
Pray for Amalia’s mom and her health
Prayer for Heidi’s back and Olivia & Chloe as the are dealing with the flu
Pray for Grace and her upcoming surgery
Fro Amalia’s brother, Rafael, as he is dealing with kidney stones
Continue to pray for Neal & Laurin and their walk with the Lord
Safe travel for Tori’s sister as she returns home
Pray for Barbara as she is dealing with personal issues
Ms. Pat is in the hospital with heart issues
Pray for Tina as she travels to China
continue to pray for Bobby as he continues to recover from cancer treatments
We lift up our family and friends that don’t have a relationship with You LORD
Pray for the youth in our church, that they would be a good example of You
Pray for our country and our leaders. Help them make godly decisions
Pray for Ashley & Ryan as the have taken on an additional child
For Pastor Josh as he is trying to get on at CCCM bookstore
For Abe’s friend, Tom, as he is looking for a teaching position
Pray for Josh’s friend, Daniel, as he has slipped back into drugs
Pray for Dineh’s mom and her battles with addiction
Pray for River 47 & their pastor as they are going through a difficult season
Pray for the Stratton’s as they begin the thext season of their ministry

Praise that folks are recovering from the sickness that has been going through the church
Praise to God for the promise of salvation through Jesus Christ

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