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A Calvary Chapel Affiliate Church

October 21st

Pray for Ann at Citrus Hills dealing with pink eye
Pray for one of the girls At the house Cici runs in the loss of her grandparent
Pray for Issac who just broke his wrist
Continue to pray for Geoff & Torri as they get ready for surgery
Pray for Jacob & Sam as they begin their life together
Pray for all those dealing with the cold & flu going around
Pray for Amalia’s friends dad, just diagnosed with cancer
Pray for Matt who just found out his mom has cancer
Pray for Mary who broke her ankle

October 17th

Pray for all the people at the dance studio who are sick
For Bryan’s nephew, Zion, and the family pet
Pray for everyone at The Groves & Citrus Hills
Continue to pray for Susie & Tim
Pray for Jacob & Sam
Pray for all the believers at Jeff’s office
Continue to pray for Christa dealing with her health issues
Pray for Debbie’s family as the mourn her loss
Continue to pray for Sonni

October 14th

Pray for Robin out with a bad cold
Prayer for the Park’s family dealing wih sickness in the house
Pray for Addison who was just diagnosed with lukemia
Pray for Celia to find a new job
Continue to pray for Tim as he is dealing with multiple health issues
Pray for Rich’s dad going to have a test for cancer
Pray for Jodi’s upcoming MRI
Prayer for Zach & Christmas and their ministry in Uganda
Pray for all those dealing with Hurricane Michael
Pray for Geoff & Torri and their upcoming surgery
Continue to pray for Ken at Citrus Hills
Pray for Jim & Karen in their marriage
Continue to pray for Brandon and his struggle with sobriety
Pray for Shaq as his cancer has returned

Oct. 10th

Pray for all those dealing with Hurricane Michael
Pray for Alexis doing an outreach tonight
Pray for Hollyto recover from surgery
Pray for Jim & Karen going through issues
Continue to keep Sonni in prayer for all her health issues
Pray for Gordy going through multiple medical test
Pray for Christa’s knees to heal and her cough to go away
Pray that the Owen’s move to Corona goes well
Pray for Joan at the Groves dealing with chronic pain
Prayers for Anna as she just lost her sister
Pray for Stacey’s upcoming job interview
Pray that Josh gets over his migraine

October 7th

Pray for our country and all the leaders
Pray for Ken that his body will stabilize
Pray for Larry dealing wit paralysis
Amelia’s customer Brian has brain tumors and is going through radiation
Pray for Leslie as she is going through a divorce
Pray for Alan as he is recovering from surgery
Continue to pray for Geoff & Torri getting ready for possible surgery
Prayer for Joan at The Groves dealing with back pain
Pray for Uncle Steve who is on oxygen full time
Continue to pray for Barbara struggling with personal issues
Pray for Paul’s shoulder to heal again
Pray for Tami’s family as they are mourning her loss
Pray for Marisol dealing with treatments for cancer
Pray for Annisa as she begins nursing school and that her hand numbness goes away

Oct. 3rd

Pray for Jodi’s Aunt Bev as she just had major back surgery
Pray for safe travels for all of our church family traveling home
Pray for little Josh A not feeling good
Continue to pray for Sarah
Pray for Niel & Lauren in their marriage
Pray that Jacob’s business improves
Continue to pray for Rene Sr as he is going through some physical issues
Praise the Jameson family had a good trip
Prayer & Praise that the Released Time Christian program went well for our volunteers and that it continues to do well

Sept. 30th

Praise-Mike survived indoor skydiving
Pray for Jim as he is considering surgery for sleep issues
Pray for the Jameson’s for safe travel back from AZ
Pray that Lisa & Jason’s move goes well
Pray for Rene Sr. dealing with health issues
Pray for the Lambeth’s serving at the Chaplin’s retreat
Pray for Alan going through another foot surgery
Pray for Kevin as he recovering from an injury
Prayer for Emily as she transitions into her new position
Pray for Jacob’s upcoming tournament
Pray for Alma’s grandson, Matthew, and his walk with the Lord
Pray for salvation for Josiah’s grandfather

Sept 26th

Safe travels for the Jameson’s as they go to Arizona
Continue to pray for Tim and his recovery
Pray for Valarie as she is recovering from a fall and broke both legs
Pray for Glen and his walk with the Lord
Continue to pray for Christa’s family in Germany
Pray for Stacey’s nany dealing with dimensia
Pray for NeL as he is incarcerated
Pray for Rene’s dad having issues with his diabetes
Pray for Christa as she is going to have a sleep test
Pray for the upcoming Chaplin’s Retreat this weekend
Pray for Mike as he goes on his outing
Praise=Cici had a breakthroughwith one of the kids in the house
Continue to pray for Susie

Sept 23rd

Pray for the upcoming Chaplin’s retreat next weekend
Travel mercy for Jeremy going to Wisconsin
Praise report for the “Armor of Light” Ball Gown giveaway
Continue to pray for Geoff & Torri
Prayer for Heather as she is moving
Pray for Rene’s dad, dealing with physical issues
Pray for those who attended the memorial services yesterday
Continue to pray for Tim’s recovery
Pray for Cici in her new job with kids
Pray for Amalia’s customers, dealing with cancer
Pray for Alan, going through his third foot surgery

Sept 19th

Pray for for Fran’s mom dealing with physical issues
Pray for Elijah’s family dealing with his passing
Pray for Debbie going thru many physical issues
Pray for the Marine Corp ball gown giveaway and all the folks working
Pray for Bill dealing with chest pain
Pray for Jacob as he is sick
Pray for the Jameson’s as they travel to Arizona soon
Pray for Sarah’s kids as they are staying with friends Continue to Pray for Trish struggling with sobriety
Pray for Maria dealing with depression

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