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A Calvary Chapel Affiliate Church

April 18th

Pray for direction as we are looking to keep our Wednesday night studies
Pray for the next few weeks as we meet at the Jameson’s
Continue to pray for all the ministries on the River 47 campus
Continue to pray for all the folks at Citrus Hills & The Grove
Pray for Pastor Bryan as he gets ready to meet with the folks at River 47

April 15th

Pray for Geoff’s mom
Pray for Robin’s family and their walk
For all those at Citrus Hills & The Grove’s
Prayers for Ce Ce and her situation at work
Pray for Loris as she is home sick
Jacob’s friend, Chris and his wife are about to have a baby
Mimi’s friend, Shaq, is dealing with cancer and faith
Continue to pray for Donna as she recovers from another eye surgery
Pray for Jennel & Matt as they are struggling in their marriage
Pray for Jan and her work as they are losing nurses
Pray for Debbie as she is dealing with family issues with her son
Continue to pray for Tori & Geoff
Pray for Pru’s sister Courtney as she is going through a divorce

April 11, 2018

Prayers for Elle as she hurt her foot at dance today
Pray for Rich’s friend , Judy, as she has been diagnosed with brain cancer
Continue to pray for Gesla as she is in the final stages of cancer
For Sonni’s recovery over the next few weeks
Olivai’s friend, Emily, broke her hip in dance
Pray for Geoff & Torri and the upcoming surgery
Continue to pray for Anna Marie and her recovery
Sherri’s sister in Law just had minor surgery
Continue to pray for Neal & Laurin as they fight addictions
Pray for all at The Groves & Citrus Hills
Pray that Lisa will reach out to her family
Pray for OCCF as we transition out of the chapel building
Pray for Mary King as she is recovering

April 8, 2018

Ross’s parent doing better and keep praying for Uncle Gene going through chemo
Roberts neighbor family battles
Jeff’s uncle Richie has cancer on his ear
continue to pray for CeCe’s son Brandon to stay sober
Trish and Barbara to stay sober
Geoff’s cousin just passed away. Prayers for the family
Geoff and Torri for up coming surgery
Residents at Citrus Hill and the Grove.

April 5th

Emily from dance broke a hip.
Linda’s friend Susie has a low blood count
Christa’s knee and back.
Jan’s sister-in-law donna had surgery
Grace is having trouble with color guard.
Loras daughter Lisa for provisions for work and transportation and time for church
CeCe for her dental pain from today.
Jan who had eye surgery and the healing is taking to long
John and Mimi are heading to Chico so safe travels
Wisdom for Mimi’s sister April’s doctor for the surgery next week

April 4th

Continue to pray for Neal & Laurin and their walk with the Lord
Sonni is set to have surgery tomorrow
Robin’s friend, Hank, is having surgery
Prayer for Christa’s back & knees
For Tori & Geoff as they move toward surgery
For Gloria to soften he heart towards the Lord
Jamie’s health is still suffering
Prayer for Amelias friends dad as he is not doing well
For all our first responders
Continue to pray for Anna Marie as she heals
Pray for Linda’s friend, Barbara, as she has some medical decisions coming up
Pray for Cheryl’s walk with the Lodr
Mary K. is in the hospital
Jose is dealing with stomach cancer

April 1st

Tori’s friend’s mom is in the hospital
Prayers for Geoff & Tori as they get closer to transplant surgery
Prayer for Rene’s knee
Birthday prayers for Isaac Lambeth, Rene Matos
Continue to pray for Christa’s knees & back, and for her sister, Gisla
Pray for Heidi’s back to heal completely
Prayer for all the residents at Citrus Hills & The Grove
Carrie P. bass’s husband has cancer
Cici’s brother in law
Prayer for Cliff and April to find a good church
Jamie has been sick and the doctor’s can’t find the reason
Prayer for Pastor Bryan’s aunt
Debbie is starting chemo treatments soon
Prayers for the Owen’s family as they have a new baby in the house
Pray for Robin’s family
For all those dealing with addiction

March 28th

Heiidi’s back is till giving her problrms
Jan’s sister in law had a 3rd cornea transplant
Prayers for the Mattos family in Kansas
Prayers for the set up Saturday at CCA
Pray for Susie as the pain continues in her back
For the residents at Citrus Hills & The Grove
Continue to prsy for Geoff & Tori as they get closer to transplant
Prayers for Olivia’s foot & alergies
Pray for our first responders
For Sawyer Owens as he enters this world

March 21st

Pray for all those effected by the storms
Continue to pray for Sonni’s health
Keep Neal & Laurin in prayer
Sherri’s sister, Jackie, is feeling down
Continue to pray for Christa and her family
Pray that Lisa has an easy delivery this weekend
Prayers for the Jameson girls upcoming dance
Continue topray for Geoff & Tori as they get closer to transplant time
Pray for Stephanie’s aunt, Maria, as she is having surgery

March 18th

Matthew is suffering depression
CeCe’s son is drinking again
Roger is in terminal stage of cancer
Jacobs mom Francis to renew her walk with the lord
Soni and friend John there spirits are down
David who works at In N Out is having tendon problems and he needs Jesus
Lydia has a final
Garrett is teaching the Mens study at WG
Ross’s uncle has cancer
Jeff’s friend Tammy needs Jesus and to excel in chemistry
Lindsey is having surgery
Heidi hurt her back
Trish to stay sober and moves forward with the Lord
Wisom and discernment for Barbara to decide to go into surgery or not.

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