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A Calvary Chapel Affiliate Church

March 15th

Torri’s friend kerri’s mom Anna Maria has Heart Failure and in the hospital.
Jeff that he would stop itching.
Erin that she could stop itching.
CeCe’s son Brandon is slipping back into bad habits. He has previous drug and alcohol issues.
Christa for her knees and back.
The people in Florida that didn’t make it in the bridge collapse and the rescue workers.
Loara’s friend Ruth is having spiritual warfare.
Pray for Lisa’s baby watch,
For the women going to the calvary chapel retreat this weekend.

March 14th

Pray for the Frisby’s, as Garret prepares for his Thursday night study
Pray for the Hytle’s, that God would comfort them and give them peace.
Anne Marie was taken back to the hospital with possible heart failure
Continue to pray for Gisla, Christa’s sister
Pray for Barbara as she has some major medical decisions coming up
Pray for Tosh as she is looking for work & transportation
Prayer’s for Harry’s family as they mourn his loss
Praise that Jason is going back to work

March 11, 2018

Torri’s friends mom fell and broke her back
Jacobs great aunt just passed away
Pray for Trish as she is battling addictions
Robert’s son, Zach, has begun street evangelizing
Amalia’s friend just took on his friends 3 children and is looking for a new job
Jacob’s step dad, Andy, in his walk with the Lord
Pray for our country and it’s leaders
Celia’s friend dealing with family issures
John & Mimi are expecting their next great-frandchild
Celia’s dad just lost his sister and his brother. Pray for the families

March 7th

Geoff & Tori had their transplant meeting
Continue to pray for Christa’s back & knee
Robin is home sick tonight
Sonni has another surgery scheduled for April
Brandon is asking questions about Cecelia’s bible study
Weston has had his surgery delayed
For the resident’s at Citrus Hill’s & The Grove
Prayer that the repair’s aat Citrus Hills gets completed quickly
Pray for Pastor Josh that his car get’s repaired soon
Continue to pray for Susie and her chronic pain
Stephanie’s great great grandfather passed away
Stephanie’s aunt was diagnosed with cancer
Parker got a new job as a mechanic at BMW

March 4th

Upcoming dance competition this Saturday
Pray that Josh can get their car fixed quickly
Jan T. was in a minor accident this week
Susie is still dealing with severe pain in her back
Prayer for Craig who recently came to the Lord, and his walk
Pray for John’s recovery from his neck injury and for his emotional state
For John & Mimi’s granddaughter about ready to give birth to her son-Their great grandson
For Lisa as she is getting closer to delivery time
Continue to pray for Ross’s parents health and his uncle that was to begin treatment for cancer
Pray for our police officers and first responders
Prayer for Dolly going through some health issues
LIFT OC tomorrow night

March 1st

Heidi’s chiropractors mom fell
Torri’s friend hurt his hip
Torri’s nephew Richard broke his collar bone
Christa for her sleep, her back and knee
Christa’s sister has cancer
Trisha is starting school
Soni’s recovery

February 28th

Safe travels for Pastor Pancho and the group going to Israel
Prayer that the City of Oceanside that they will embrace the USOC
Ellens son recovering at home
Continue to pray for Geoff’s health as they get closer to transplant
Praying that Christa’s back get’s better
Prayer for Hilda to come to the Lord
Sonni is in a skilled nursing facility
Courtney is recovering from abdominal surgery
For all those at Pendelton as they mourn the loss of the flight surgeon
Pray for Rene as he starts his new job
Pray for Jan’s cousin as she morns her loss

February 25th

Pray for all the marriages across the nation
Celias uncle just passed away
Continue to pray for Geoff & Tori as the get closer to surgery
Pray for healing for Celia’s mom
Flight surgeon at Pendelton was killed in a helicopter accident
Grace’s friend got her new home
Pray for all the residents at Citrus Hills & the Grove
4 year old Micah fell and broke a tooth
Jacob is in a karate tournament today
Safe travel for Abe and the boys going to Morro Bay
Safe travel for Becky, Stacey & the girls as they return from Arizona
Pray for Vanessa’s grand father as he is in his final days
Pray for Courtney as she is recovering from surgery

February 18th

Pat’s roommate is having surgery on her shoulder
Sonni’s friend John broke his neck
Continue to pray for Christa and her sister
Garrison hurt his hand
Pray for Ross’s parents
For Trish as she is reconciling with her family
All those dealing with the shooting in Florida

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